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IT Blog – 5 Ideas and Topics for Your Technology Blog

IT Blog – As an IT business, you have a wealth of highly specialized knowledge that is valuable to industries and professionals of all types. One of the best ways to share your expertise and build lasting connections is by starting an IT company blog. You might even have a long list of IT blog ideas in the back of your mind that you could sit down and write today.

If you’re not a writer, starting a blog can sound like a daunting task — but it doesn’t have to be! It’s important to remember that your professional niche is an incredible resource to others. Distilling that information into enjoyable content can help you build and market your IT company in fresh, exciting ways.

If you’re wondering which IT blog topics to tackle first, or if you should even launch your IT blog, don’t worry. This article will cover:

The benefits of starting an IT company blog
Tips for writing an IT blog
5 IT blog ideas

The benefits of starting an IT company blog

Blogging may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about online marketing for your IT business, but running an interesting blog can have far-reaching benefits for your company, including:

Building new connections

Blogging is a great way to add a personal touch to your IT services website. A well-written blog post can help your audience gain a clear picture of your brand’s voice and values. Blogs are also a great place to provide new and existing customers with exciting updates about your company.

Creating content for social media

Writing IT blog posts can provide valuable content to be shared as a part of social media marketing for your IT business. When you share your blog post to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you are encouraging vital customer interactions.

And, you gain more credibility and visibility when leads and existing customers see your blog posts circulating on social media. To gain insights about your audience, track your posts with a social media monitoring tool.

Boosting your SEO

When you blog consistently, you provide Google and other search engines with fresh new content to index within relevant searches. One of the first things you learn in any beginner’s guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to choose your keywords wisely.

If you create content that is rich with important keywords, you have an opportunity to significantly boost your visibility when leads search for an IT business.

Positioning your company as an authority

Even small IT businesses can develop brand trust by generating informative and professional blog posts. When you focus on creating content that is of value to your audience, you will attract new customers, build unbeatable brand loyalty, and position yourself as an authority within the IT industry.

IT Blog

Tips for writing an IT blog

If you’re brand new to the blogging world, don’t stress! Follow these tips for rookie bloggers to launch a solid technology blog:

Use keyword research

When it comes to choosing the right keywords to boost your SEO, learning how to do keyword research is vital. When you have a strong list of keywords to include in your writing, your blog can do more work for your IT business.

To start gathering your collection of perfect keywords, use Google Keyword Planner. This powerful tool provides important data about relevant keywords and helps you generate new keywords.

To maximize the fruits of your keyword research, use an SEO tool to monitor your success.

Don’t forget about design

While a blog is ultimately about the content, a plain text blog is too dry to hold anyone’s attention for long. Instead, incorporate your brand design into your blog.

You poured time and effort into building your website, so think of your blog as an extension of that effort! To boost the value of your blog, consider including infographics and relevant imagery whenever possible.

Find your brand voice

One of the most important elements of your company blog is its voice. When you create a distinct and personable voice across your social media channels, website, and blog, you make it easier for leads and customers to feel connected to you.

Include a call to action

Once you get your blog up and running, don’t forget to include a call to action within your blog post — organically if possible. Whether you are inviting your audience to download your newest guide to Photoshop or sign up for your email campaign, always give them an actionable item.

5 IT blog ideas

1- Current events

As an IT company, you are plugged into an immense number of industries and current events. A great way to grab the attention of tech readers is to tap into of-the-moment topics. Consider this article on Mashable for inspiration — “How a year of living online has changed us.”

In this post, Mashable, a popular Tech blog and website, offers unique insights into how internet use has changed during the pandemic. IT professionals have a unique beat on the world around them. Use this perspective to create compelling content for your target audience.

2- IT Trends

‌Chances are, within your company, you have daily discussions about the IT trends that are moving the industry forward. Your new blog is the perfect place to share this knowledge with readers from other industries. You know better than anyone that technology is constantly changing — giving you no shortage of IT trends to tackle! Popular topics include:

The newest software
Up and coming programming languages
Powerful new IT tools
Your favorite online platforms
Apps you use in your day-to-day functions

‌For inspiration, check out this TechCrunch article, “Hackers are exploiting vulnerable Exchange servers to drop ransomware, Microsoft says.” A blog post like this gives you the chance to provide readers with valuable information while covering the latest trends in cybersecurity.

3- How-to blogs

Though it might come as a surprise, the average person doesn’t know much about artificial intelligence. Your blog is the perfect place to distill your knowledge on complex topics into actionable how-to content.

This ReadWrite article, “How to Improve Customer Experience with AI Chatbots” is a great example of making a complex topic relatable to your target audience.

4- Thought leadership pieces

Your unique IT lens allows you to hone in on a huge number of topics that might provide entertainment value to your readers. Break up your how-to blogs and company updates with thought leadership pieces about your industry or the world around you. For example, IT leader Oracle recently dropped this blog about smart cities, “The smart city gets even smarter.”

5- Human stories

While you may not think of your IT company blog as a place to tell human stories, highlighting the people who work for your company or in your industry can help your audience connect with you.

Consider this recent blog post by IBM, which explores “Women, leadership, and missed opportunities.” By showing your readers that you care about human issues, you can establish deep and lasting customer connections.

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